Five Easy Ways to Detox

With non-stop parties planned all the way till New Year, it is important to give your body a mid-festival detox.   You can follow these simple detoxification rules to flush out the toxins.   Eat Fiber Rich Foods       Include whole grains such as oats,  fruits, vegetables, salads, and sprouts in your daily […]

Safeguards Against Smog – The Winter Devil

Come winter, and the word on everyone’s lips is SMOG. Smog is a type of air pollution caused due to coal emissions, vehicular emissions, industrial emissions, forest and agricultural fires. Photo chemical reactions of these emission,  which containing harmful substances such as Sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, smoke or dirt particles causes smog. It […]

Types of Yoga Meditation and Its Benefits

To know what meditation is we need to go in our inner depth and need silence. We need to strip ourselves of all pride and passion, sluggishness of soul, selfishness, and sensuality. We need to concentrate more until we reach the inmost depths and touch the pure white flame. First, we need to remove the […]

Sleep Apnea – The Silent Killer

The problem of snoring bothers a lot of people. Many people have to face embarrassment because of snoring. No one else can sleep around such people, because of the sound of their snoring, sleep is difficult and there are annoyances due to constant snoring. Let’s know what exactly Sleep Apnea is. What is Sleep Apnea? […]

Metastatic Cancer- Causes and Prevention

SonaliBendre, one of the famous celebrities and a yesteryear heroine is suffering from uterine cancer which is the type of Metastatic Cancer that is a high-grade cancer. According to the study of the National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research, the number of people suffering from cancer India is around 2.5 million. In a year […]

Most Common Monsoon Diseases – their Prevention & their Cure

Monsoons arrive immediately after the hot summer season. The monsoons bring relief from the heat during the summer season.  Unfortunately it also comes with plenty of diseases. Monsoon is also known as Flu season.  There are some diseases which can be dealt at home and preventable but some diseases need proper medical treatment. So, it […]

Ways to Improve your Posture at Work

Nowadays, sitting in the wrong posture in the office is the common habit which is not good for anyone’s health and sometimes wrong sitting posture can cause spine related issue. Poor posture may be caused by the daily routine activities such as continuously staring at the computer screen, constantly watching TV, sitting in office chairs, […]


Regular physical activity plays an important role in your growing life. In case you don’t know about getting to be dynamic or boosting your level of physical activity since you’re anxious about getting injured, fortunately, direct power high-impact action, as energetic strolling, is for the most part ok for the vast majority. But you should […]


There can be two reasons of waking up in the middle for the night and not sleeping after that, either you are possessed or you are suffering from insomnia. Insomnia is the ability when you are unable to fall asleep at night due to many reasons and by morning you are not fresh at all. […]


How odd is for you when you are all dressed up in lavish clothes and when you look yourself in the mirror then despite good clothes and a pretty face, all you can see is your belly hanging like a kneaded dough? How do you feel? You have done almost everything to get rid of […]